Thursday, December 29, 2011

We have officially shifted gears to Winter hours.. (insert sad face)

Tues-fri 11-6

Sat 11-5

Be sure to get a headstart on spring and get your bike in while were slower for your annual maint.

Lots of good deals on last years bikes and clothing as well.!

Team Trip: Moab

The day after Christmas several of us from GJ and the Glenwood contingent stuffed into Jesse's Tundra like a big, black gas-guzzeling stocking and made our way to Moab. We rode several laps on Dave's trail, a run down Chili, and capped it off with a hike-a-bike up and big-bike blast down Amasa Back. Here's a little of what went down.....

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas in Sedona

When one plan fails, its really nice when the alternate plan turns out to be an epic success!! Jesse and I had been planning a hut trip with friends over Christmas to ski and enjoy the mountains, but when the snow didn't come, we decided to take a bike trip. We had been to Sedona before and have been dying to go back ever since. We rented the studio attached to the Bike and Bean shop in Oak Creek, loaded the truck and headed south. The Bike and Bean is a great shop with friendly riders and beer on tap! Sedona is a trail rider's paradise and is a destination bike town that shouldn't be missed. The red rock scenery and the thick Pinyon/Juniper forest hide over 300 miles of singletrack. We were able to sample around 60 or 70 miles of tacky red flowy dirt and chunky rocks and ledges. We came home tired, but can't wait to get back for the other 250 miles.......As always a big THANKS to Grassroots Cycles for keeping us rollin!!

-Blake Treadway and Jesse Kirkpatrick


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Birthday week 2011 Winter Desert Riding

Changed it up this year and stayed home for the Bday. Weather was amazing and the riding was better. Good times in the desert riding some new trails and lines with some good dudes. If you haven't hit up the trails in and Moab, DO!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crested Roots

Here is the much awaited video from our fall trip to Crested Butte. Enjoy.

Crested Roots - More Mountain Bike Videos

Riding bike on snow.

I had a epic season riding & racing with friends!! Now I'm thinking about next season when I'm riding snow bike...... Yup!! I have a great life!! Thanks Grassroots Cycles & friends! Peace.

By Kazzy Saito

Sunday, December 4, 2011

D.J. Brandt Fall 2011

Got my season ender done with my friend Tim Dacosta. If you need a GREAT filmer you now know who to talk too! Thanks to Grassroots for everything!!

DJ Brandt Fall 2011 from Tim DaCosta on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tranny Mice

Tranny Mice. - More Mountain Bike Videos

Freeride Fever

As the desert cools off I always get the fever to ride and create cool stuff.. Were lucky enough to live close to some meccas.. Better take advantage!!

Riding an older Zone on

Utah Ridges on

Thursday, November 17, 2011

James' new Cove Foreplay.

I am a rider that thought I could never shred on a hardtail DJ bike... However this bike kills it! It's so stable, smooth, and predictable. Makes for a very comfy bike to hit some nice lofty airs. I've really enjoyed the last month we've spent together! haha
Specs on this bike
Cove Foreplay, w/ an Argyle 409 air up front
2012 Deity bar, stem, pedals and saddle
Stylo OCT cranks set up 1x4 with a MRP Lopes guide and a trick X9 downtube shifter
Atomlab Pimplites laced to DT Swiss 240 hubs with 36t star ratchets

If you see me out at the jumps take a lap or 4 on er!

Shop shredder Nick Simcik slayin it up in Kamloops hangin on to some sweet new Deity parts!

Fruita BikePark

Last week I spent some more time out in Fruita stackin' and slapin' on the bikepark, workin for Singletrack Trails and the City of Fruita. The park is shredding pretty dang good! I'm pretty pumped on it, The DJ's are hitting sweet and are starting to get the pop and loft they deserve. And the advanced pumptrack got a lot of reworking and once shes nice n firm should hit sweet, basically its a nice lap with rollers to 6-8' tables. The park has great progression which makes it great for people to work their way up to hitting some Gaps over in the DJ lines. So get on out there and scope it. It's a good time!

Sweet vid featuring the new Kona Operator!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

From The Inside Out Premier

We will be premiering From The Inside Out by Second Base Films.
When: December 2, 7 PM
Where: Grassroots Cycles Bike Shop
Tickets: $10
Go on Sale Friday November, 18th

Check out the Teaser Here

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Team Landis' Off Season Race Weekend

It must be winter because I just had a race weekend stunningly different from what I was used to.

After a super fun DH racing season I injured my back riding with the Grassroots crew up at Crested Butte a few weeks ago. It was a great weekend but has taken me out of hard riding commission for quite a while. I had to skip out on the Dual Slalom race at Hucktober Fest & have been doing everything I can to recover. This includes going to a Chiropractor, Ice, Heat, Ibuprofen & rehab strength training with James Wilson

I am starting to feel strong again & decided to race the 2nd of a local 5 race Cyclocross Series at Long Park.

If you are not familiar with these races, the gist of it is we race around in one of several large parks mostly through the grass & twist around very tight corners around trees & other park obstacles. These races also always include man made walls that you usually have to dismount & run & jump over carrying your bike. You might be able to bunny hop them if you didn't have to run the seat super high for an efficient pedaling position. This race also included a sand section riding through the middle of a full size volley ball court at the end of a long sidewalk straight away that has us hauling into it.

That sand section was my favorite part of the race. I don't know if I was the fastest through it or if I just made it look harder than most after several almost crashes but I had the spectators cheering every time I made it through. It was super rutted & sketchy.

This race began at 8am Saturday Nov. 5th when it was raining heavily & very cold out. It's not the most fun thing ever but I do these races for training & because I simply like racing my bikes. I race in the A or Expert/Pro class which is a 45 minute race. Mostly road racers or Cross Country MTB riders do the best. I don't ride this type of event & don't train for long distance seated pedaling much.

I go into these events with well managed expectations. Along with not practicing for this I also jokingly ride my Transition Bank a short Jump/Dual Slalom bike. It is very light & being a hard tail it pedals well. It has very versatile geometry & I use it for all types of things. I special ordered a 420mm seat post for it that I run over an inch above the minimum insertion point but still leaves me too low in a poor pedaling position. That is OK because I have fun being able to lean it in the corners or handle it through other more technical sections. In the race I accomplished my goals. I got a good workout, had fun & got the Grassroots Cycles brand & my other sponsors in front of an unlikely audience. Regarding my actual placement I have 2 things to say about it:
1. I finished right behind the leader!
2. I did not podium:)

The very next day I took my same Transition Bank. Made a few hardware changes & went to the Grand Valley BMX track for some more racing.
I was a little soar & tired from my punishment the day before but now it was time for some fun. I took my family including wife Sara, 1 year old Emmett & 4 year old who is becoming quite a BMX'r, Porter. The track was a little muddy & felt slow but the dirt had way more traction than normal.

I did my normal in the Expert Cruiser class which is I race hard but am almost always humbled by some punk on a little BMX bike about half the weight of my mountain bike. I had one shining moment where I had a great gate from the inside lane & got the hole shot, soon to be overtaken down the next straight away. Turns out however this particular punk is a pro BMX'r that used to teach classes for the popular Stiles BMX clinics that just moved to town. That made me feel a little better.

The real highlight of the day was from Porter. He has done several races & had not made a main event yet. He is only 4 & is one of the youngest out there. A couple of weeks ago we thought he would make it but got taken out in a violent crash down the first straight. It was so traumatic as by the time he got up he saw the rest of his class going down the finish straight. He was balling but still wanted to get on & catch them so he could make it to the main.

Today he looked strong & more confident than ever before. He is not the fastest out of the gate but he saves his energy & is consistent around the entire track. He would slowly pick off riders until he was doing very well at the end of the race. This consistent riding qualified him for the main event & finished 4th overall! We are very proud of his progress & even going back out there after his big crash.

Almost immediately after leaving the race Porter fell asleep in the truck satisfied, holding his trophy...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Teaser from our trip to Crested Butte

Here is a quick teaser from Quinn Maxwell of our trip to the Butte a couple of weeks ago. Stay tuned for the full edit.

Click HERE

Friday, October 14, 2011


Its fall and the weather's crisp, leaves are coming down, and the dirt, well the dirt is shaping up at the Ranch! Since I usually fail at this blogging thing, I thought I'd throw a quick edit together so everyone can see what it takes to keep the Ranch Sauce so tasty.....enjoy....and get on up for Hucktoberfest!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Transition Covert Review

Here is a good review of one of our favorite do it all bikes. We do have a medium and large demo available, so come in and try one out. Pretty much the perfect bike for riding all of the trails around here.

Click the pic courtesy of Transition

Monday, September 12, 2011

MSC Finals at Sol Vista Bike Park: GR Wins 2nd Overall!

Grassroots Cycles Gravity Team Wins 2nd Overall

Two weekends ago was the Mountain States Cup Finals at Sol Vista Bike Park in Granby, CO. It’s hard to believe the bike resort season is almost over, so if you have any opportunities in the near future, get to a bike park fast! We had a pretty good turnout of racers and friends at the Sol Survivor which made for a super fun weekend. The 4X was on Sunday evening and was probably the most exciting I can ever remember. The course was so well designed that it didn’t really matter who came out of the gate first, it was almost certain that some other rider would take the win. There was passing opportunities in every corner and the number of line choices was mind numbing, especially at the speed everyone was going. Kazzy and Matt were the first of the team to compete and they did so rubbing elbows the whole way down. Mike McCoy had a few heats in CAT 1 but unfortunately took some hard spills in every one of them. By the end I think he felt like he had been thrown in a blender. Around 5pm, the pros came on and put on an absolutely spectacular show for everyone. Eric was lining up next to some of the fastest MSC Pros ever and threw down! He made it into the small final and ended up winning it to take 5th place! The Pro Finals were just as exciting with Brian Buell edging out everyone in the final stretch by taking an unorthodox high-line and flying past Ross Milan and Chris Boice as they took a high speed tangled tumble right before the finish line jump! The guys at Sol Vista Bike Park really know how to build a 4X course so if you haven’t seen one of these races, put it on your list for next year.

The downhill on Labor Day was on Cougar; a rough and fast course with times in the 2-3 minute range. It has two big step downs separated by the usual Sol Vista moon dust and rock gardens followed by the fast and flowy infield section to make it exciting for the spectators at the finish. Everyone that raced did well and had very respectable times in their classes. The winning pro time was 2:20:95 by the Reining MSC Champion, Chris Boice.

MSC Sol Survivor 4x Race Results
MSC Sol Survivor DH Race Results

Grassroots Team Race Results:

Kazzy Saito (CAT 2 30-39): Rode pretty consistently all weekend which well all know is the key to getting faster. Good work Kazzy! Way to keep it rubber side down!
--4X: 6th of 14
--DH: 10th of 16 with a 3:06

Matt Bollig (CAT 2 30-39): Showed up at the race after two nights at a Phish concert to race 4x... OUCH! Finished almost side by side with Kazzy!
--4x: 7th of 14

Adam Lavendar (CAT 2 30-39): His hands were still hurting him from his acccident a few weeks ago at Snowmass so he had very limited practice on the DH course. In fact he didn't do one practice run the day of the race and still had a great finish!
--DH: 4th of 16 with a 2:56

Blake Treadway (CAT 1 30-39): Blake had great expectations after his race at Snowmass and rightfully so with how he has been riding lately. However, he was really let down after he blew a corner at the top and had to come to a complete stop to get back on course.
--DH: 12th of 13 with a 2:54

Mike McCoy (CAT 1 30-39): After crashing his brains out in the 4x, he had another unfortunate incident on the DH. His right contact had slipped off eye (because he says he forgets to blink while racing) in the middle of his race run. He rode the rock garden and a significant portion of the course with only one eye open. Not an easy task!
--4x: 9th of 14
--DH: 8th of 13 with a 2:49

Eric Landis (Pro): The 4X was erics best race ever! His goal was to beat Michael Buell in hopes of securing 3rd place for the overall gravity title. Mission accomplished! He had the same goals for the DH but lost out to Micheal by 0.07 seconds! In the end he did manage to take 3rd overall in the MSC Gravity Series. Well done Eric!
--4x: 5th of 12
--DH: 8th of 25 with a 2:28

Myself (Peter Knepper) (Pro): This was my first ever pro race, and my first race this year since I broke my collar bone in May at Ranchstyle. Despite having not trained or ridden much this year, and my whole right shoulder/collar bone hurting pretty bad all weekend, I still pulled off a very respectable finish! I had some serious doubts if I should be a "Pro" but this race confirmed that I'm in the right class and I need to start training once I get this collar bone thing figured out.
--DH: 19th of 25 with a 2:34

Thanks so much for everyone that raced and supported the team this year. We have a team full of great people with some nice momentum. Lets keep it rolling into next year! If anyone is interested in racing for the team in the future, be sure to start lingering around the shop and riding with the locals. You'll have to be "approved" by everyone to race on our kick ass team! We're also looking to start a BMX racing division of the team if anyone is interested.

Another special note was that Jesse Kirkpatrick was there with us riding downhill!!! She isn't quite back where she used to be, but she is still shredding none the less. If you see Blake and Jesse, please be sure to congratulate them because it hasn't been an easy last two years.

~Peter Knepper (Team Mom)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Valmont bike park. SO RAD.

The last two weekends D.j. Brandt and I went to Boulder, Colorado to ride Valmont bike park, which is one of the best bike parks in Colorado. The first weekend we went we rode in the Colorado Slopestyle State Championships where D.j. ended up getting 5th place out of almost 30 riders. This last weekend we went to the Happy Fun Day Jam hosted by Plus size BMX, where I got second in high hop and farthest hop. D.j. won the "Slammin Salmon" comp and the bar hump comp. Overall both weekends were awesome and we both recommend visiting Valmont bike park.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Transition Bandit tested and approved.

Whats up Roots fans. I've gotta tell you guys about Transition's newest release, The Bandit. I had James order me up one of these bad boys after an unsuccessful stint on a six inch all-mountain bike this spring. I picked up the frame and took it home at the beginning of the month and immediately built it up. The Bandit is a five inch trail bike so i had a bit of customizing to do. I got a medium to keep the final product nimble and quick. My fork is a Fox 36 at 163mm of travel so i dropped the travel by about an inch and a quarter (now just under 150mm) using Fox's travel reducing spacers to better match the back end and keep my front end low. I grabbed some really wide Kore Torsion bars from the shop to give my self some good leverage in the corners. These are the same bars that came on my TR250 and i'm really stoked on them. Rounding out the build was a Shimano XT drivetrain, DT Swiss wheels and a KS Supernatural dropper post. Once i finished 'er up it was off to the local trails to work out the kinks and get used to 'er. As i pedaled out of the driveway towards Hartman's Rocks i thought to myself, "Well this feels good." The next two hours were the stuff of dreams. No longer did my bike suffer from pedal feedback, wallowing, or sluggishness. No longer did i feel like a passenger on my bike, i was in control. Everything was just right.

The Bandit loves to rally. While seated and pedaling the Bandit does not bob. There are two main reasons for this. One is the regressive curve rate that the boys at Transition integrated into the linkage design. Forces on the suspension from pedaling do not overcome the curve rate so the suspension does not want to react to your movements. The other is the new generation of Fox's RP23 rear shock. Fox changed up this year's shock to include its Adaptive Logic technology. This is just a fancy way of saying that you now have a climbing mode (heavy on the propedal) and a three descending modes (medium and light propedal, and no propedal). It definitely makes way more sense and works 100% better than the previous generations, which basically had three climbing modes and only one option for descending. This all adds up to the Bandit being a very quick and efficient pedaler. When the trail turns to gravity assist the Bandit can hang with its more aggressively designed brethren.The bandit is stable, aggressive, and playful. The frame is nice and stiff considering the light tubeset, and the headtube is tapered to make the front end feel solid. The bottom bracket is relatively low and, with my customized fork, the headtube is relatively slack. The regressive curve rate allows the bike to feel really plush at speed. When you near the end of the travel, the RP23's boost valve kicks in and helps achieve a bottomless feel. Add in some wide bars (31.5") and a stout wheelset, and this baby rips the downhills to shreds. I can't count the times i've finished up a good downhill with friends and they ask what the deal is with my bike. I hear things like, "that thing's only got five inches?" or "no way is that just an all-mountain rig." I just tell 'em "there's no smoke and mirrors here, She's just a well designed bike with a need for speed." As far as playfulness goes, the rider is the limiting factor. The Bandit loves to manual, air off the slightest trail feature, and corner and drift like a rally car. Whatever skills you bring the table, the Bandit will oblige.

In summary, the Bandit has met, and in a lot of cases, exceeded my expectations. I like to ride as aggressively on the after-work trail ride as i do on a downhill track on the weekend, so i expect a lot out of my trail bike. The bandit does not disappoint. If you're in the market for a trail bike to get the most out of those tasty Lunch Loop trails, check in with the fellas at Grassroots Cycles and test out a Transition Bandit for yourself.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

MSC #8 Blast The Mass Race Results

I know this is really late, but I've been pretty busy lately. Better late than never... right!?

Anyways, we had 5 team members, Kazzy Saito, Adam Lavender, Blake Treadway, Andrew Templin, and Eric Landis, in attendance for this year’s Blast the Mass MSC race. This race was interesting because it had two DH races instead of a 4X or Dual Slalom. The race on Saturday was mainly a huge let down to most racers. The race course was like a throwback to the late 90’s in that it was just tape flowing down the open ski runs with grass as high as your handlebars. This made seeing what you were riding over very difficult and dangerous! It was so bad a lot of racers boycotted it and decided not to race to try and teach Snowmass that they can’t get away with a course like that in this day and age. By race time, most of the grass had been beaten down (or weed wacked) and you could see what you were riding over. The fastest pro time on this course was 4:26 by Joey Schusler.

Adam Lavender didn’t get to race in any races at all because he ended up hurting his wrist pretty bad while out riding some fun trails around the area after practice on Friday. He says it’s probably just a sprained wrist, maybe a couple small fractures, but no noticeable separations. He thinks he’ll be good to go for Sol Vista in a few weeks.

The race course on Sunday was the same exact course it has been in years past. Fast and extremely Rough pretty much sums it up. I didn’t make it up to Snowmass until Saturday night and was planning on racing this course on Sunday. Well, according to USA Cycling rules you can’t register the day of the event for Gravity events so that plan was foiled. I did manage to steal Adam’s number plate (since he was injured and not racing) and take a run with Kazzy in the morning for fun. After that run I was pretty glad I wasn’t racing. You really need to have your suspension dialed to be fast on a course like that and I sure didn’t.

While waiting for our first racer on Sunday, Kazzy, to come down, my phone rang. It was Kazzy to tell me he crashed in the top section and dislocated his pinky finger. He went straight to the emergency room where he found out it was dislocated and he had a small bone chip on it too. No surgery, just a splint and he thinks he’ll be back racing soon for sure. Our next racer down the course was Blake, who came blazing through the finish line into 3rd place for CAT 1 Men 30-39…. His best finish yet (See the picture)! Andrew came in next with a very respectable time, but was disappointed with his run because he crashed in the waterfall section. Finally, Eric came flying through the finish line with a great solid run. He and blake practiced all three days together and said they dissected the course more than they ever had before. Apparently it paid off for both of them! The fastest time of the day on this course was 4:03 set by Pro rider Trevor Trinkino

Team Results:

Kazzy (CAT 2 Men 30-39): Race 1 – 3rd 5:12 Race 2 – DNF (Injury)

Adam (CAT 2 Men 30-39): Race 1 – DNS Race 2 – DNS (Injury)

Blake (CAT 1 Men 30-39): Race 1 – 8th 5:04 Race 2 – 3rd 4:41

Andrew (Pro Men): Race 1 – Did not register Race 2 – 28th 4:35

Eric (Pro Men): Race 1 – 7th 4:36 Race 2 – 14th 4:17

~Peter Knepper

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Covert with a newly PUSHed FOX RP23

Last year I had two bikes; an all mountain bike (Santa Cruz Heckler) and a DH bike (Transition Blindside). I sold both bikes and got a new TRANSITION COVERT for my new all mountain bike and I originally anticipated getting a new DH bike. After riding the Covert for a while, I decided not to get a DH bike because it allowed me to ride anything I wanted. The geometry and suspension on this bike really do allow you to shred any trail!

I’ve rode long XC trails and raced downhill on it. While the bike worked great on 99% of our trails around here (Grand Junction, CO), the rear suspension (Fox RP23) felt sort of harsh when we would go to resorts to ride. My husband told me about PUSH Industries, which is a company that can tune these shocks specifically for you , your bike, and your riding style. We had my shock back on my bike one week from when it left the house which is an awesome turnaround time for something like that! We got the works in this shock which ran about $210 total which basically rebuilt the entire shock with a lot of proprietary parts including a huge bottom out bumper for those big hits.

My first ride with the new shock was “The Whole Enchilada” in Moab. I usually can’t tell the difference with the adjustments to my bike, but this time it was different. I didn’t feel like I was bouncing off the trail anymore in the fast and rough sections and it seemed to have calmed down the trail chatter I was experiencing before. I rode at Winter Park a week ago with the new set up and this was the first time this summer that I hadn’t wished that I had a DH bike for the bike parks. The PUSHed Fox RP23 shock made a great impression on me. I’m now taking my Covert to bike parks and loving all of the DH runs. If someone is looking for a bike that can ride ALL trails, the Transition Covert with a PUSHed shock is perfect. What I’ve learned is that it’s not how much suspension travel the bike has, but the quality of it.

~Amy Knepper/Team Rider

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

30 Pack of Keystone?

Eric here with an update from the Keystone Classic.

Several of us started getting ready for this long Down Hill race the weekend before the race. Since we had a week off Pete, Kazzy, Jesse Townsend & myself all went up to check out the course & get our bikes dialed for the race.

We had a great day & rode a bunch of different trails. We did ride the race course a couple of times & let me tell you it is fast and scary! Toward the end of the day we were getting more & more confident & riding faster & faster. Jesse T. was riding especially well. I dropped in for a run & really put the power down. I was set on leaving him behind but could not get away. Toward the middle of the super fast open ski run section I heard him yelling at me to go faster! That made me even more nervous & I over braked in a corner causing Jesse to have to slam on the brakes making him to go down hard. He got cut all over through 2 layers of cloths in several spots & even cut his head somehow through his helmet.During practice on the actual race weekend Jesse went down again in a strange way not even riding hard. He caught a pedal & hit a tree causing his shoulder to pop out. He just recently recovered his other shoulder from surgery & now he will probably need surgery on the other one. That Stinks for him. Good Luck J.

On the actual day of the race it was extremely hot. We did not have the team rig with our EZ ups & stuff so we had to improvise. In this pic look behind Sara & you will see Blake sitting under a tent rain fly stretched between my truck & Noah's car:)
We had a pretty large crew of Grassroots riders hanging out & riding together this weekend. Not everybody raced but we all had fun. With Jesse T. out that left me Blake, Andrew Templin, Chris Hale, & our adopted redheaded step child Noah Sears.

Starting the day off with the Pro Qualifiers Andrew & I were feeling pretty good. I qualified 13th & andrew 20th in a very fast field. It was weird because the field was smaller than usual but there were a very high concentration of uber fast guys.
Next on course we had Blake Chris & Noah.
Blake had a little crash on the top but recovered to have a pretty clean run at (Time 9:55). He ended up 9th but came out safe & had fun. Blake has not raced much this year & he was a welcome addition.

Actually I see that Jesse Townsend finished 12th out of 14 in his class even though he didn't race:) Ha Ha. Pretty good. ...

I did not see much of Chris but he did a good job finishing 11th in the super fast Cat1 19-29 division. (Time 9:56)

Noah was fighting his drive train all day & only had a couple of gears working. In his race run it locked up & he could not pedal at all. Noah was disappointed but still went very fast placing 6th at (Time 9:33)

For the Pro Finals I was starting to feel the pressure. I was happy with my qualifier but knew I needed to step it up in the finals. I did not practice on Friday & Saturday like I usually do & only came up on Sunday to practice & race all in one day. I had a secrete weapon though in that I was using very light & fast rolling All Mountain Tires. This was a calculated risk & I had a game plan to ride all the safe main lines through the rock gardens. It was feeling really fast in practice & my qualifier but in my run I got excited and charged the faster but way rougher outside line through the top rock garden flatting my rear tire. I felt very silly for braking my game plan & regret it.

Andrew Templin had a great final run in the Men's Pro division. Shaving 5 seconds off his qualifying run & placing 23rd with a (Time 8:56)! I really enjoy riding with Andrew & he is really coming along.

There you happy Knepper?

Friday, July 15, 2011

More Fun Ride in Loma, CO

Amy (my wife) and I decided to ride in the heat of the day last week. It was hot, but felt good to get out and ride some XC. I haven't done an XC ride since I broke my collar bone 10 weeks ago. We rode the trail "More Fun" in Loma, CO which is an extremely technically challenging trail. The climbs are very tough with lots of ledges, switch backs, and loose rocks and the downhills are rough, tight, steep, and loose.

Amy had her reservations about riding that particular trail because the last time she rode it was last year, and she wasn't half the rider she is now. This time around was much easier and more fun for her with her new found skill.

When we finally got to the top, we were really looking forward to the ride back to the bottom only to discover it had been changed. The once pretty fast, flowy, technical singletrack back to the road (heading east) had been changed into more super tech, tight turns, and now not much fun. Whoever laid that out, please don't do that to any more of our trails. Fast and flowy is the name of the game! Maybe throw in a few natural jumps and berms.

~Pete Knepper

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Teva Shoes and Deity Pedals

We recently received our order of new Deity Decoy 2.5 pedals. They offer some new colors and graphic on the tried and true design. We have all been riding these pedals for a while now and love them. They are light, thin and grippy. Get a pair while you can, at only $85 these things fly off the shelves.

Last week we received our first shipment of the new Teva shoes. We have been riding these for the last month or so. So far everybody is pumped on these new shoes. They are nice and stiff and have a relatively sticky sole. They are not as sticky as 5.10's but still grip much better then your skate shoes. Paired with a pedal like the Decoy's you won't be having any issues with your feet moving on the pedal. I have personally fallen in love with these shoes for riding the bike park.

The Links is slightly stiffer feeling then the Pinner due to the heel lock on the back of the shoe.

Come check them out and see what you think.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MSC #6 - Full Tilt in Telluride Recap

So we learned two things this weekend..... Super D points don't count toward our Team's Gravity points and Bigfoot is alive and well in the San Juans throwing large rocks at unsuspecting riders. For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, I was nearly killed by something crashing onto my head that destroyed my helmet on the Village Trail in Telluride (see the last picture in this post). I had riders directly behind me and in front of me and no one saw anything except the aftermath of me flipping into the trees. The worse part is no one can figure out what it was! The good news is that the x-rays of my vertebrae showed no signs of compression fractures. Be very careful in them parts!

Back to the race... The weather was rather unpredictable with heavy rain and thunderstorms at some point everyday. The dirt would go from dry to mud to hero dirt and back to dry. The rocks in the woods were down right scary when wet. We got a pimpin' condo that was within a 9-iron shot of the Gondola and had a nice garage that made it easy to rebuild two forks over the weekend and store all of our smelly gear. Everyone was super stoked with the place except for the fact we had to be out by noon on Sunday which proved to be a PITA. People in attendance were, Myself and Amy, Matt and Elizabeth, Mike and Kyra, the Landis Family, Jesse T, Jesse squared, Chris R, Andrew, Adam, and Kazzy. Everyone raced at least one race except for Myself, Kyra, Chris R, and Elizabeth.

Race Results:
  • Mountain Cross (4X) - This was a pretty exciting course. 4 individual berms out of the gate, then only 2 in the next turn, then one in the next. The other awesome aspect was the fact that you could see the entire course if you stood in a good spot which is pretty unusual for most tracks.
    • CAT 2/3
      • Kazzy got knocked out in the first round and ended up 17/19.
      • Matt blew everyone's socks off by making it into the small final and churned out a 8th out of 17. Hell yea Matt, you really are out of retirement! Now get back to training!
    • CAT 1
      • Mike also made to the small final. He was so disappointed with his first run, he had no idea he made it to the small final and almost missed his start! Good thing he made it because he won the small final with a killer pass in the middle of the course putting him in 5th out of 9 racers
    • Pro
      • Eric had yet again another solid race. He was very surprised when he made it to the small final. He ended up 7th out of 12 and said "I think I finished right where i belong at this point." Eric, I know you got more in the tank, don't be satisfied just yet!
  • Super D - The trail was entirely "No Brainer" with the exception of a muddy uphill run/ride with the bikes that started directly to your left as you got off the Gondola.
    • Women 19+
      • Amy was the only person to race SD. She was on the fence about it, and had she known that SD points don't count toward the team's points, she probably would have raced DH. The entire team came out to watch Amy race and cheer her on. When I say she was stuck behind two women, I mean stuck! She was basically running into these women in every turn because Lindsay Yost doesn't know how to corner a bike at all and wouldn't move out of the way. When Amy got to the bottom she was fuming with anger and said "I'm never racing a SD again!". Turns out she was wrecked right off the start and that girl's handlebar went into Amy's spokes breaking one of them. Amy was the last girl of the line and still pulled out a 3rd place finish! You rock Amy! We all know you should have won!
  • Downhill - The Cat 2 course was basically the old World Cup course with the exception of the drop onto the ski slope. They were routed around to the right of the drop to meet up with Pan coaster for a short distance before meeting back up with the WC course. The Pro/Cat 1 course was similar, but did include the drop onto the ski slope and then continue to the grove of trees on the other side for a brand new ultra steep section with lots of roots. It then met back up with the final section of the the old WC course. The winning pro time was 2:55 by Chris Boice just for a reference point.
    • CAT 2 Men 30-39
      • Jesse Squared and Kazzy came in neck and neck taking 6th and 7th place. Jesse took the win and managed to edge Kazzy out by only 3 seconds.
      • Adam Lavender was on a brand new (to him) Commencal Supreme DH. He just finished building the bike on Thursday and threw down a killer run on Sunday landing him a 2nd place podium finish. It was probably the pro fork rebuild by myself on Saturday night :-)... I'm going to keep telling myself that regardless
    • CAT 1 Men 19-29
      • I know Noah isn't on the Grassroots team, but he might as well be. Noah turned out a 19th out of 26 with a 3:18 and was throwing down mad style as usual.
    • CAT 1 Men 30-39
      • Jesse T has been ringing in the points for the team this year and this race was no exception with a 3:23. A 4th out of 12 will help the team nicely in the standings. Good work man!
    • Pro
      • This is kind of a flip flop deal between Eric and Andrew. Eric had a bomber qualifying time of 3:03 and Andrew got held up because someone crashed, thus Andrew was going to be starting 1st and Eric was going to be starting towards the back. Well the race run was the opposite. Andrew came down with a stellar time of 3:13 putting him in 20/28, and Eric front-flatted in the 3rd turn, landing him in dead last ... 28/28. Eric rode it all the way to through the finish line.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Yo it's D.J. Brandt thought i'd throw up a little photo update from the bike park shooting with Jeff Nass. Jeff is a great guy and rad to shoot with.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Crested Butte Wild Flower Rush Recap

Other than a few wind gusts that would roll through in the afternoons, we couldn't have asked for better weather. To add to our excitement, the man, the myth, the legend... Matt Bollig came to throw down! He pinned it on the DS and DH in CAT 2 30-39 and got the taste of racing back. Before the race he was explaining his racing as "It's like racing, only slower" but after the race he said "I've got a lot more left in the tank for DH racing."

James Flatten decided to make a cameo appearance on Saturday afternoon. You should come to more races James! You taught us all how to cover parts of your body with blades of grass when sunblock isn't available. Ever think about going on "Survivor?"

Before you read the results below, you need to know that this was also a Pro GRT race, meaning there was a lot of really fast competitors here. Way more than usual for a MSC race. The top CAT 2 racers would have placed extremely well in CAT 1 and the top CAT 1 racers would have placed extremely well in Pro class meaning that everyone's class had some major competition. I think some sand-baggers need to upgrade to keep the fields tiered like they should be.


- Joel Scott came to cheer everyone on on Sunday seeing how its so close to his home.
- Eric and Sara brought out their brand new (used) $500 camper in the bed of their truck. You'd think for $500 it wouldn't be in very good shape, but they really got a killer deal and its super clean!
- Eric ended up 29/62 and Andrew Templin 43/62 in the Pro DH class. Both had solid runs and were only a few seconds off Brian Buell and Eric was directly behind Chris Shumake (Santa Cruz/SRAM)! The pro field was stacked. Way to represent Guys!
- Eric took 15/19 in the pro DS and was knocked out in round 1 which really disappointed him. But like i said before, the competition was unreal. Most of those guys ride their bikes for a living, like Jared Graves! One of the 2 guys in the big final was actually riding a DH bike to illustrate how rough it was!
- The two others that raced DS were Matt (CAT 2 30-39 11/13) and Kazzy (CAT 2 30-39 6/11). Matt got knocked out in round one, but absolutlely blew everyone away with how fast he rode. None of us knew he could throw down like that! However, Kazzy made it to round 2 before getting knocked out only because he wrecked in a silt filled berm in his second race of round two. It was going to be a close one for sure!
- Jesse Townsend had a great result with a 6th place out of 17 in the CAT 1 30-39 DH. That what hitting your lines and not crashing will get you. I wanna see a podium by year's end Jesse!
- This was Jesse Ruland's 2nd DH race ever (CAT 2 30-39). With a massive hangover from a late night CB with Matt and James, he still managed to pull off a stellar 9th out of 24! No wrecks and a solid run this time! You keep progressing like this and you'll have your pro card in no time little man.
- This was Chris Rupinksy's first race with the team AND first CAT 1 DH race! After a little suspension tuning he ripped off a 26th out of 34. However, his class is the fastest class next to the pros.... I should know, I struggled in that class for many years! BTW, you need to trade in those Yeti's soon Christopher.... while they're still worth something.. haha
- Last but not least, Matt Bollig managed to keep it out of last place in the DH with a 22nd out of 24. He said he's got more to throw down and just needs some time on a big bike and to get in better shape. Don't be surprised if you see him out laying down the power at the BMX track in 100 degree heat in the next couple weeks. The racing bug's bit him hard! He has also committed to coming to Telluride in two weeks, so if any of you see him trying to back out of it, lay the smack down!

We're all looking forward to the next MSC race Telluride July 8-10)..... I think I might race SD. We'll see how the collar bone is feeling (that will be 9 weeks out of surgery). Stop in and say hi in the pits if your going to be in town. I think we are going to borrow the 10x20 MRP easy up for our pits but just look for the Grassroots Cycles banner.

On a final note, if you ever get a change to go to Crested Butte, hit up the "Timeline" Trail. Its full of airtime and massive flow! You won't regret it!

~Pete Knepper