Friday, July 15, 2011

More Fun Ride in Loma, CO

Amy (my wife) and I decided to ride in the heat of the day last week. It was hot, but felt good to get out and ride some XC. I haven't done an XC ride since I broke my collar bone 10 weeks ago. We rode the trail "More Fun" in Loma, CO which is an extremely technically challenging trail. The climbs are very tough with lots of ledges, switch backs, and loose rocks and the downhills are rough, tight, steep, and loose.

Amy had her reservations about riding that particular trail because the last time she rode it was last year, and she wasn't half the rider she is now. This time around was much easier and more fun for her with her new found skill.

When we finally got to the top, we were really looking forward to the ride back to the bottom only to discover it had been changed. The once pretty fast, flowy, technical singletrack back to the road (heading east) had been changed into more super tech, tight turns, and now not much fun. Whoever laid that out, please don't do that to any more of our trails. Fast and flowy is the name of the game! Maybe throw in a few natural jumps and berms.

~Pete Knepper

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