Thursday, July 14, 2011

Teva Shoes and Deity Pedals

We recently received our order of new Deity Decoy 2.5 pedals. They offer some new colors and graphic on the tried and true design. We have all been riding these pedals for a while now and love them. They are light, thin and grippy. Get a pair while you can, at only $85 these things fly off the shelves.

Last week we received our first shipment of the new Teva shoes. We have been riding these for the last month or so. So far everybody is pumped on these new shoes. They are nice and stiff and have a relatively sticky sole. They are not as sticky as 5.10's but still grip much better then your skate shoes. Paired with a pedal like the Decoy's you won't be having any issues with your feet moving on the pedal. I have personally fallen in love with these shoes for riding the bike park.

The Links is slightly stiffer feeling then the Pinner due to the heel lock on the back of the shoe.

Come check them out and see what you think.

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