Thursday, September 22, 2011

Transition Covert Review

Here is a good review of one of our favorite do it all bikes. We do have a medium and large demo available, so come in and try one out. Pretty much the perfect bike for riding all of the trails around here.

Click the pic courtesy of Transition

Monday, September 12, 2011

MSC Finals at Sol Vista Bike Park: GR Wins 2nd Overall!

Grassroots Cycles Gravity Team Wins 2nd Overall

Two weekends ago was the Mountain States Cup Finals at Sol Vista Bike Park in Granby, CO. It’s hard to believe the bike resort season is almost over, so if you have any opportunities in the near future, get to a bike park fast! We had a pretty good turnout of racers and friends at the Sol Survivor which made for a super fun weekend. The 4X was on Sunday evening and was probably the most exciting I can ever remember. The course was so well designed that it didn’t really matter who came out of the gate first, it was almost certain that some other rider would take the win. There was passing opportunities in every corner and the number of line choices was mind numbing, especially at the speed everyone was going. Kazzy and Matt were the first of the team to compete and they did so rubbing elbows the whole way down. Mike McCoy had a few heats in CAT 1 but unfortunately took some hard spills in every one of them. By the end I think he felt like he had been thrown in a blender. Around 5pm, the pros came on and put on an absolutely spectacular show for everyone. Eric was lining up next to some of the fastest MSC Pros ever and threw down! He made it into the small final and ended up winning it to take 5th place! The Pro Finals were just as exciting with Brian Buell edging out everyone in the final stretch by taking an unorthodox high-line and flying past Ross Milan and Chris Boice as they took a high speed tangled tumble right before the finish line jump! The guys at Sol Vista Bike Park really know how to build a 4X course so if you haven’t seen one of these races, put it on your list for next year.

The downhill on Labor Day was on Cougar; a rough and fast course with times in the 2-3 minute range. It has two big step downs separated by the usual Sol Vista moon dust and rock gardens followed by the fast and flowy infield section to make it exciting for the spectators at the finish. Everyone that raced did well and had very respectable times in their classes. The winning pro time was 2:20:95 by the Reining MSC Champion, Chris Boice.

MSC Sol Survivor 4x Race Results
MSC Sol Survivor DH Race Results

Grassroots Team Race Results:

Kazzy Saito (CAT 2 30-39): Rode pretty consistently all weekend which well all know is the key to getting faster. Good work Kazzy! Way to keep it rubber side down!
--4X: 6th of 14
--DH: 10th of 16 with a 3:06

Matt Bollig (CAT 2 30-39): Showed up at the race after two nights at a Phish concert to race 4x... OUCH! Finished almost side by side with Kazzy!
--4x: 7th of 14

Adam Lavendar (CAT 2 30-39): His hands were still hurting him from his acccident a few weeks ago at Snowmass so he had very limited practice on the DH course. In fact he didn't do one practice run the day of the race and still had a great finish!
--DH: 4th of 16 with a 2:56

Blake Treadway (CAT 1 30-39): Blake had great expectations after his race at Snowmass and rightfully so with how he has been riding lately. However, he was really let down after he blew a corner at the top and had to come to a complete stop to get back on course.
--DH: 12th of 13 with a 2:54

Mike McCoy (CAT 1 30-39): After crashing his brains out in the 4x, he had another unfortunate incident on the DH. His right contact had slipped off eye (because he says he forgets to blink while racing) in the middle of his race run. He rode the rock garden and a significant portion of the course with only one eye open. Not an easy task!
--4x: 9th of 14
--DH: 8th of 13 with a 2:49

Eric Landis (Pro): The 4X was erics best race ever! His goal was to beat Michael Buell in hopes of securing 3rd place for the overall gravity title. Mission accomplished! He had the same goals for the DH but lost out to Micheal by 0.07 seconds! In the end he did manage to take 3rd overall in the MSC Gravity Series. Well done Eric!
--4x: 5th of 12
--DH: 8th of 25 with a 2:28

Myself (Peter Knepper) (Pro): This was my first ever pro race, and my first race this year since I broke my collar bone in May at Ranchstyle. Despite having not trained or ridden much this year, and my whole right shoulder/collar bone hurting pretty bad all weekend, I still pulled off a very respectable finish! I had some serious doubts if I should be a "Pro" but this race confirmed that I'm in the right class and I need to start training once I get this collar bone thing figured out.
--DH: 19th of 25 with a 2:34

Thanks so much for everyone that raced and supported the team this year. We have a team full of great people with some nice momentum. Lets keep it rolling into next year! If anyone is interested in racing for the team in the future, be sure to start lingering around the shop and riding with the locals. You'll have to be "approved" by everyone to race on our kick ass team! We're also looking to start a BMX racing division of the team if anyone is interested.

Another special note was that Jesse Kirkpatrick was there with us riding downhill!!! She isn't quite back where she used to be, but she is still shredding none the less. If you see Blake and Jesse, please be sure to congratulate them because it hasn't been an easy last two years.

~Peter Knepper (Team Mom)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Valmont bike park. SO RAD.

The last two weekends D.j. Brandt and I went to Boulder, Colorado to ride Valmont bike park, which is one of the best bike parks in Colorado. The first weekend we went we rode in the Colorado Slopestyle State Championships where D.j. ended up getting 5th place out of almost 30 riders. This last weekend we went to the Happy Fun Day Jam hosted by Plus size BMX, where I got second in high hop and farthest hop. D.j. won the "Slammin Salmon" comp and the bar hump comp. Overall both weekends were awesome and we both recommend visiting Valmont bike park.