Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas in Sedona

When one plan fails, its really nice when the alternate plan turns out to be an epic success!! Jesse and I had been planning a hut trip with friends over Christmas to ski and enjoy the mountains, but when the snow didn't come, we decided to take a bike trip. We had been to Sedona before and have been dying to go back ever since. We rented the studio attached to the Bike and Bean shop in Oak Creek, loaded the truck and headed south. The Bike and Bean is a great shop with friendly riders and beer on tap! Sedona is a trail rider's paradise and is a destination bike town that shouldn't be missed. The red rock scenery and the thick Pinyon/Juniper forest hide over 300 miles of singletrack. We were able to sample around 60 or 70 miles of tacky red flowy dirt and chunky rocks and ledges. We came home tired, but can't wait to get back for the other 250 miles.......As always a big THANKS to Grassroots Cycles for keeping us rollin!!

-Blake Treadway and Jesse Kirkpatrick


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