Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Covert with a newly PUSHed FOX RP23

Last year I had two bikes; an all mountain bike (Santa Cruz Heckler) and a DH bike (Transition Blindside). I sold both bikes and got a new TRANSITION COVERT for my new all mountain bike and I originally anticipated getting a new DH bike. After riding the Covert for a while, I decided not to get a DH bike because it allowed me to ride anything I wanted. The geometry and suspension on this bike really do allow you to shred any trail!

I’ve rode long XC trails and raced downhill on it. While the bike worked great on 99% of our trails around here (Grand Junction, CO), the rear suspension (Fox RP23) felt sort of harsh when we would go to resorts to ride. My husband told me about PUSH Industries, which is a company that can tune these shocks specifically for you , your bike, and your riding style. We had my shock back on my bike one week from when it left the house which is an awesome turnaround time for something like that! We got the works in this shock which ran about $210 total which basically rebuilt the entire shock with a lot of proprietary parts including a huge bottom out bumper for those big hits.

My first ride with the new shock was “The Whole Enchilada” in Moab. I usually can’t tell the difference with the adjustments to my bike, but this time it was different. I didn’t feel like I was bouncing off the trail anymore in the fast and rough sections and it seemed to have calmed down the trail chatter I was experiencing before. I rode at Winter Park a week ago with the new set up and this was the first time this summer that I hadn’t wished that I had a DH bike for the bike parks. The PUSHed Fox RP23 shock made a great impression on me. I’m now taking my Covert to bike parks and loving all of the DH runs. If someone is looking for a bike that can ride ALL trails, the Transition Covert with a PUSHed shock is perfect. What I’ve learned is that it’s not how much suspension travel the bike has, but the quality of it.

~Amy Knepper/Team Rider

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