Monday, January 23, 2012

Lady Ranch

James and I have been building and riding at the Ranch since Matt bought the property some eight years ago. Back in those early days before we helped Matt build his house, James and I would go camp out at the Ranch and spend the weekends working on trail and trying to ride the new stunts and jumps. Whenever we were there we felt safe like some motherly spirit was watching over us. We decided that it must be Lady Ranch. Not very creative as far as spirit names go, but it fit. We have been through a lot together, Lady Ranch and I. She has excited me with her smooth, flowing lines. And she has terrified me with the unknown, like the mother hawk that pushes her young out of the nest and over the edge. She has taught me to fly like I never thought I could. She will always be Lady Ranch to me and I will always thank her. Never disrespect a lady.-Jeff Erickson

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