Friday, January 27, 2012

The end of 11'

Last year ended with the best weather we could ever ask for. We were on bikes nearly every week of November and December and all those cats that usually nag me about buying a snowmobile were no where to be found. We were rockin T-shirts and sometimes even shorts in the desert til the New year.

I know the word 'progression' gets thrown around a lot, not near as much as it used to, but it is the term that best defines why we do what we do. No matter what your riding style or skill level is, we all want to be faster, smoother, go farther, bigger, steeper and all with more style. 2011 was by far the year in which my riding progressed further than any of the previous 5. You can be sure that it was directly correlated with the fact that it was the year I spent more time in the saddle and traveled more miles than ever before.

That brings me to 2012. Another year of countless hours on any of my bikes, riding anything from Lunch Loops to The Ranch to the torturous rock garden they call a race course in Angel Fire and with any luck some Virgin and Whistler making stops everywhere in between. I just want to RIDE! and I'm looking forward to another great year with the Grassroots crew.

Here is a little video a buddy of mine put together of some December riding in our neighboring state of Utah.

Riding Bikes from Chad Kavander on Vimeo.

Short video of a couple guys riding in Utah. First ride is near Green River, Utah. Second ride is just outside of Moab.
Shot with Canon 5D Mark II and Canon HF S10.
Riders:Andy Klements (first trail)Jesse Ruland (both trails)

Music:'Mountain Man' by Crash Kings

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