Monday, June 7, 2010

Angel Fire Race Update Saturday 4X Cancelled

Saturday morning brought an early 4x Practice session. That course is nar to say the least. I started up at the top and started working my way through jumping all of the medium sized doubles. Once I got warmed up I went down and worked out the 3 huge doubles at the bottom. They are huge and high speed for a small light hard tail so they are a little scary. I went back up to the top to make a full run and link it all together and ended up slipping my front tire at the bottom of a G out and face planting hard. I have a little scabbing on the right of my head from the helmet because I hit so hard. Gave me a small
concussion and I was not feeling great.

Right around that time I heard a rumor that the guy I mentioned in the last post that got air lifted out from the day before was not doing well and they were thinking of canceling the race. I went back to my room and word came in that Craig Lange a young racer with the Mojo Wheels Team had passed away from his injuries. This was an unbelievable circumstance. I mean we all get hurt and go to the hospital but this time someone died. It hit everyone like a ton of bricks. The race was canceled out of respect for the family.

At 6:00 there was a memorial in Craig's honor that most of the gravity community attended. Instead of a moment of silence they send him out with a roar of a racers cheer more boisterous than any I have heard from such a small group. It did seem fitting and brought a tear to most of our eyes.

Please Pray for Craig's Family......I cannot imagine.......

Most of the racers donated their entry fee to Craig's family.
More info or if you would like to donate to his family:!/group.php?gid=129789557048217&v=wall

Eric Landis

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