Friday, June 4, 2010

Angel Fire Race Update Friday Night

Jessie Townsend, Sara, Porter & I (Eric Landis) made it to Angle Fire New Mexico around 1am this morning. Got a little sleep and up to practice DH then the 4x course.

It is super warm here and it is a struggle to stay hydrated. The DH course is great. There is lots of traction through the huge, miles long rock gardens.

4x course is literally axle deep in fluffy powder in almost every corner. Apparently this week they have dumped a ton of water on it but it did not work. The jumps are huge and seem more intimidating than last year. It was tough to switch from the DH bike to the little hard tail. I felt like I was riding a 10 speed road bike. I did not jump even 1 double, but I got there late and only had about 30 minutes to ride but then I got kicked off for forgetting to grab my # plate from the Dh bike and put it on my Transition Bank. Tomorrow we get to practice from 8 to 11 so I will get warmed back up to it.

My goal for racing Pro 4x is to beat someone to and out of the first corner. From there just hold my lines and ride competitively fast. Small steps.

Eric Landis

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