Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gettin' Down with Papa Smurf, Al Green, and Double Vision

Gettin back on the bike after a broken shoulder with Adam (Lunchtime) Wadas.  Middle of February.  Super good XC ride at 18 road with the Transition Bandit.  So good we stayed and ran Kessel shuttles and drank PBRs til we couldn't see.  

More shoulder (and mental) rehab at Loma with the Bandit.  Another banger day in FEBRUARY.  Unseasonably warm and sunny.  Yes please.

March trip to Moab with Jed Sims, the TR250 and the Bandit.  3 day weekend with Half Enchilada shuttles, Magnificent 7 cherry poppin', Chili Pepper DH runs, and killer 100 foot straightlines just off the Sand Flats road.  The best big bike jibs in Moab were right in camp!

Pink van, Hot shuttle driver, Jedi, Al Green, Half Enchilada, Bluebird, Boom.

May means time for a PNW road trip and big mexican road sodas.

OREGON.  Holly with a post ride brew in Oakridge.  Lots of shuttles here.  Chose to bring the Transition  Double along this time.  Rode every thing from XC to flowy jump trails to full on techgnar.  The Double went  
into Honey Badger mode, it didn't give a shit.  Chewed up logging road climbs, railed berms, boosted jumps and even knocked off a couple large cliff drops.  Definitely the most versatile bike in the quiver.

More Oregon goodness.  This is Holly at the top of a 15 mile downhill.  OK.

Gettin' back on the big boy horse.  Granny's Kitchen pro line at Blackrock.  Top ten trail in my book.  So fast and smooth.  The double asked for more.

Pit stop in Portland at Voodoo Donuts before heading up to Bellingham and the best trails in the Northwest.
Stay tuned for more Grassroots Cycles and Transition assisted bike riding in 2012.  James would say Boom.

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