Sunday, June 17, 2012

Resort Season Is Here!!!

With multiple resorts opening this last weekend, we can finally say resort season has started. So far I have gotten to hit SolVista and Winterpark for their opening days and both have been a blast.

If you haven't already heard, James has been working at SolVista building new trails and enhancing the existing. With a fresh addition of flow and some fun new jumps, this place is going off. With the recent opening of Winterpark you should expect to see the crowds here begin to dwindle.

The trail crew at Winterpark has also been busy. Many of the trails have been refreshed and some new ones have been built. The addition of a new road at the bottom of the resort disrupted Boot Camp (lower half is still closed) and Beall Ucanb. Beall Ucanb has seen some major changes on the lower half of the trail. The step up has been moved slightly and now leads into a drop zone. You have the choice of a rollable drop which you can send to make about a 10 footer or you can take a large 15' drop on the left.

The other major change was the addition of the new trail, Cruel and Unusual. This is an advanced trail with multiple features that are back to back.

With the lack of moisture, expect dry and loose conditions.
First Ride: Cruel and Unusual Trail at Trestle Bike Park - More Mountain Bike Videos


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