Monday, June 6, 2011

Roots Riders at Teva

D.j. Brandt and I went to the 2011 Teva Mountain Games on Thursday to compete in the slopestyle event. The first day of practice was super windy but we still took a few runs. The course was smooth and fun for the most part. After staying the night in a sketchy hotel we went to practice before the competition. The wind was non-existant until the comp started. I was lucky enough to get number 1 and had to go first. I finished both my runs with solid tricks. D.j. didn't finish any of his runs but tried a 360 over the first dirt double so props. Also props to Nick Simcik for his huge cork flips! Some highlights were Mike Montgomery's backflip barhop, Anthony Messere's flip double whip, and Paul Basagoitia's front flip and double back flip attempt. Overall it was good experience and we had a lot of fun riding with everyone. America!
-Kyle Rosencrans

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