Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A note from the builder...

The Ranchstyle build this year has been crazy. Me and my Flow Farmers build something, move on, then I walk by it a couple days later and change it twice. Haha, what can I say i'm a perfectionist! I'm really stoked on the course this year and the hype surrounding the event. Did a ton of work on the Slalom course too this year with a new jump section at the top. And were stretching it down to the bottom on the venue! That should add another 6 seconds to the already killer course. The Slopestyle course is pretty amazing this year. I think it's gonna blow some minds, it blows mine everytime I walk up it. What a lot of poeple don't understand is how this line has evolved over the last 5 years. Who would of thought it would turn into a stop on a world tour, pretty crazy! And thats what Ranchstyle is all about, evolution and ripping up some stuff with the hommies! I wish everyone safe travels getting here and safe sessions! See you all soon!


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