Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rampage and Devon Balet

So Rampage was insane, Zink showed everybody what's up with a massive opposite 3 off of the Oakley Icon Sender. Micah and I were fortunate enough to get trapped on the top of the course do to the weather delay. Needless to say, hanging out on top of the Rampage course with the best riders in the world was pretty cool. I won't bother posting links to Rampage vids/pics as Pinkbike and Vital are flooded with them.

I figured I'd use this post to bring attention to photog Devon Balet. Devon has been shooting with us a bunch recently so stay posted for eye candy. Expect to see him hanging out riding with us and around at events such as Huktoberfest. I'll try and post pictures of Rampage here for him when he is ready to post them up. For some current photos though check out his site.


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