Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Snowmass Aspen Team Grassroots Race Report. (by Eric Landis)

Snowmass was a great two race weekend with one DH race each day Saturday & Sunday. We had a good showing of Grassroots Down Hill Racers at this race and there was plenty of riding for all.

Quick Results:
Down Hill 1 (Saturday)*******************************
Pro Men:
Eric Landis 6th Place (Time 5:17:56)

Category 1 19-29
Pete Knepper 3rd Place (Time 5:35.64)
Jesse Townsend 11th Place (Time 5:54.45)

Category 1 30-39
Dan Sharp 3rd Place (Time 5:37.84)
Blake Treadway 6th Place (Time 5:46.17)

Category 2 30-39
Kazzy Saito 10th place (Time 6:39.79)

Down Hill 2 (Sunday)******************************************
Pro Men:
Eric Landis 23rd Place (Time 4:22.88)

Category 1 19-29
Jesse Townsend 11th Place (Time 5:12.16)
Pete Knepper 25th Place (Time 9:19.69) (Broken Chain)

Category 1 30-39
Blake Treadway 4th Place (Time 4:43.56)
Dan Sharp 7th Place (Time 4:53.92)

Category 2 30-39
Kazzy Saito 10th place (Time 5:44.33)

Also My Race Report Sent into Transition Bikes Was featured on their Blog: Click HERE to see it.

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